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About me

Nathan Pinter

Nathan Pinter

I am an IT Consultant/Computer Technician. I have a Love and passion for anything electronics. I am geeky to the core and you can normally find me Tinkering with a new project, building something electronic from scratch, or learning something new. I love to work with my hands, and have so many ideas I want to turn into reality but who has the time ?

I live near Tillsonburg, ON with my wife Mindy and son Daxton.

People have described me as being assertive and having a positive outlook on life, always looking for new challenges to improve myself. I have my A+ certification and have a passion for helping people and businesses fix their computer and network frustrations.

Life Experience:
I am a honors graduate from Westervelt College (2002) where I studied A+, Network+, Server+, and Microsoft operating systems.
I have worked in a call center doing tech support. That was fun !
I was co-founder and co-owner of Woodstock's premier Game center / Internet Cafe called Gamer's Edge with my best friend Gray. 3 awesome years of getting to do our dream job until the recession hit.
Since 2010 I have been working midnights at a factory called Marwood Metal, doing IT work and Stock trading during the day.
Recently I have been taking software development courses online and really enjoy coding, it must be the tinkerer inside of me. I am really interested in renewable technologies so much so, I built my own Solar panel and off-grid setup. There wasn't a DC energy monitor, so I had to design and make one. Did I mention I have a 3D printer 😉 It is so awesome to play with, I highly recommend you get one.

Coding languages known:
C - To program Arduino
Java - To make Android apps
Ruby on Rails - To make web apps
Python - To program Raspberry Pi
JavaScript - Cool web apps
Basic HTML and Bootstrap

I have recently been advised to abandon Ruby by other programmers and start learning JavaScript, so that's what I am doing now. I felt like I was just getting good at Ruby on Rails, oh well, maybe i'll enjoy making web apps in JavaScript just as much.

IT knowledge:
Desktop - Windows and Linux operating systems
Servers - Microsoft and Linux based
VPN and Virtual devices/servers
Design and Setup of small to medium size Networks
Internet Firewall implementation - Untangle NG Firewall
IOT home automation expert
Any other IT needs you can think of, I can help you !


  • Computer Repair
  • Network Design/Deployment
  • Internet Firewall installation
  • Network Security Penetration Testing


Computer Repair - 90%
Computer Networking - 90%
Network Security - 80%
Software Development - 50%


3D Prints

I also own a 3D Printer. Here are some things I've made.


I have always been interested in Solar power since I first heard about it. The DIY tinkerer in me wanted to build my own for a project. Check out the gallery for the build process.

Also go to https://emoncms.org/thumperup to see Solar data in real time. 

Server Tower

When I was younger and could not afford a rackmount system, I made my own.